DAO Structure
Now that we have a primer on what a DAO is, and what a Community DAO seeks to achieve, it is time to talk about how we make this happen. Decentralized governance is a difficult task to accomplish because we have all been accustomed to thinking and acting in a centralized world. The greatest challenge to creating a successful Community DAO will be YOU. Decentralization requires participation, and if we are to succeed we must embed new behaviors into society and have faith that these new behaviors, if adopted, can radically change how we talk, think, and act within the city we all share.
A self-reliant community is a resilient community. There are currently around 430,000 Oakland citizens. That is 430,000 people with a common interest: the place they call home. Even if only a small fraction of those citizens can commit to providing two hours a week toward DAO activities and management, the amount of positive improvements we can collectively make within our city could shift our behaviors into a vehicle of transformation within the public-sector.
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